Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shitty F-Bombs...

Sunday while at the water park with some friends and the kids, Goose came up to me to tattle on her brother (she does this a lot). She said "Dude said a bad word." I asked her what he said because most of the time it's something like poop, butt or booby. Her response; "He said F*** You." I was flabbergasted. We are slowly hearing things from them that you wouldn't normally hear from a 3 and 5 year old. Including but not limited to; shitty, baby momma, baby daddy, what's up hommie, they're gonna have sex and more that I can't think of right now. They are slowly realizing what time out is and doing surprisingly well with it. Don't get me wrong, they (especially Goose) usually cry the whole time but afterwards, we have a talk and I let them know why they were in time out and why it was unacceptable.

Thursday was Dude's birthday and we celebrated on Saturday with a smallish group of our family and friends. I believe he had a great time and Goose did too so it was worth it.

Things aren't all lollipops though. We have had a few very rough days and my husband is having a harder time at this than I imagined. But we'll make it. There is an aunt that is interested in taking them but they can't seem to get a home study scheduled yet. I think if she's a good person, then that would be best for the kids. But until then, we're going forward expecting to have them for awhile. Gotta get Dude signed up for kindergarten which is something I've never had to deal with before so it's pretty nerve wracking.

Will keep my blog updated but until then, here are some cute pictures of their backs lol.

Helping me with the groceries. 

Checking out the big fish at Bass Pro.

Waiting on the fireworks to start. They were SO excited!

Kind of hard to see but this is Uncle "J" *(foster dad) holding Goose and standing beside Dude. Goose was a little scared at first.

*We have told them they can call us Uncle J and Aunt B.


  1. I was thinking about what our potential foster kids should call us...having one of our own he will call us Mom/ how did you decide on uncle and aunt?

  2. Honestly, we know that these kids will be going back to mom and dad eventually so there's no chance of adopting. Dude will start school in about 2 weeks so I thought it would be easier on him to tell his classmates that we're aunt Brandi and uncle James.